A Unified Approach For Healing The Planet

Our Vision: Eco-health-holistic communities whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in both rural and urban centers in terms of diabetes prevention and treatment, as well as overall social and economic development as part of the planetary shift in evolving consciousness. Part of the vision has been born out of a 20-year friendship and now functional partnership between Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. from the Tree of Life Foundation and John Arnold, CEO of Portable, Practical Educational Preparation, Inc. (PPEP), to promote and support humanitarian efforts at home and abroad.

The Tree of Life Foundation, PPEP, Inc., and our other partners are developing a holistic seed template for local, district, regional, and national programs based on our diabetes prevention, health education, and screening programs. We are creating a unified model of transformation and healing for the planet.

These programs, currently active in Mexico, with immigrant farm workers in Arizona, and several locations in Africa, are supported by our micro-business, organic, veganic, farming programs with individualized programs for local community development. They include clean water irrigation systems, recycling programs, and local micro-businesses in general, which support diabetes prevention, overall individualized rural community development, and ultimately support health on all levels in the urban areas. This is a workable, multi-faceted community model that is scheduled for development and expansion over a ten-year period.

This template plan includes:

  • Diabetes health education, prevention, and screening programs starting locally and moving nationally.
  • Dietary support of vegan organic foods from micro-business loan, organic, veganic farming and other businesses in rural regions. Feeding children and seniors these high quality foods. Feeding the children is a very important part of our plan.
  • Development of local micro-businesses, healthy food production in general, as well as on a national scale.
  • Flow from rural to urban including local and regional diabetes prevention programs that fund regional diabetes treatment programs.
  • Technical support in nutrition, diabetes prevention and treatment and organic veganic farming from the Tree of Life Foundation.
  • Use of traditional cultural ways of music, dance, art, poetry, and other linguistic forms to transmit diabetes prevention, nutrition, and all levels of prevention of health information.

The Ghana Project

The Ghana Project In Ghana’s middle Volta Region, in the Bueman Kingdom and the Old Baika area, with the blessing and support of the regional clan (Dan-bei Royal Clan) of the Buem people (a 2,000 year-old clan, according to the king, of which I am an official member) we have established and built the Gabriel Cousens Nutrition Center. The Center presently feeds 350 children weekly and includes a school for ages 5-12. The Tree of Life Foundation, in collaboration with PPEP, Inc., also put in two clean water wells with submersible pumps to supply water to the area. Ten other... Read more →


Nigeria Nigeria has been the incubator of all our African projects. These include school food programs and micro-credit businesses, such as a palm oil processing plant, which provides economic development for the Awomeberi Kingdom near Owerri, the capital of the region. The Tree of Life Center there is now expanding into further business and diabetes prevention and anti-malaria programs, as well as a successful program for the deaf and mute schools. For example, in Owerri, at the main deaf and mute school, the girls were getting raped at night when going to the bathroom outside. We dug a well, installed... Read more →


Ethiopia We have rebuilt and created a senior nutrition center as well as a diabetes- prevention education center just outside Addis Ababa in Ethiopia as part of our program. We have also started a micro-business program to support the creation of organic vegan and herbal farming in Ethiopia. The breadbasket part of our Ethiopian design is the WalDF Foundation, located in Southern Ethiopia in Awassa City, founded and directed by Melesse Woldeamanueal, who is working very closely with us. He is the son of an Ethiopian national hero, with a Master’s degree in urban development from Holland University in Hague,... Read more →


Cameroon In Northwest Cameroon our collaborative team has supported a strong micro- business and community-based organic farming and corn mini milling centers and established a microbusiness incubator business in Limbe staffed diabetes workers supported by the micro-credit program called the Alpha Club. We are working in collaboration with local community-based groups. The regional Fon (“king” in the northwest Bambui Fondom) completely supports our diabetes prevention program plan and the micro-business already established for sustainable organic-veganic farming in Bambui. As in Ghana, we have many people who are clan members in Doula and Yuondai (the two main cities) in Cameroon; however,... Read more →


Liberia Our program in Liberia has the full support of many national leaders. We also have the enthusiastic support and pledged participation of the directors of the 2 major hospitals in Liberia. Our first official state visit will be on November 17, 2019. The plan is to incorporate all the programs we have in Ghana ion a way that works for Liberia, but with a greater emphasis on supporting organic, veganic farming throughout the country, including the purchase of electric tractors to minimize pollution and maximize efficiency. The basics of the holistic program are: Diabetes health education, prevention, and screening... Read more →


W.A.R.E.S. (WEST AFRICAN RURAL EMPOWERMENT SOCIETY) The Tree of Life Foundation, in conjunction with Portable Practical Educational Preparation, Inc. (PPEP), Mr. Khalipha Bility of Ghana, and Dr. Clement or C.A.C. Eronini acting Eze (King) of the Awo Mbeiri Kingdom in Nigeria, we have created the West Africa Rural Empowerment Society (WARES), which has official NGO status and distributes funds and coordinates energetic and wisdom support to these national programs. Read more →


Mexico In Mexico we have saved an orphanage that was about to be shut down. This is El Reino de los Ninos, in the town of Imuris, Sonora, Mexico one hour from the Mexican Border. We completely rebuilt it, and it now acts as a community center that teaches vegan organic live foods and supports and feeds up to 100 of the local children each day. One of its main jobs is to rescue children abandoned on the US/Mexican border, secondary to “roundups” and deportations. This model addresses the needs of the estimated 40,000 orphans in the border areas. As... Read more →

Afro-Mexican Nutritional and Rural Development

Afro-Mexican Nutritional and Rural Development This is a unique program for the descendants of African slaves who became shipwrecked off the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. We have been working closely with the school system and teenagers, as well as the adult community. We have been touched by the great receptivity and humble joy of these people. The project extends through most of the west coast of the State of Oaxaca and involves diabetes education woven into the school systems, as well as for adults. It includes a moringa tree planting and growing project, in addition, there will be an organic,... Read more →

Native American Diabetes Prevention, Food Sovereignty, and Clean Water Program

Native American Diabetes Prevention, Food Sovereignty, and Clean Water Program The Native American Diabetes Screening and Recovery Program, designed and sponsored by the Tree of Life Foundation, a 501(c)3 religious organization and humanitarian service corporation, represents an effective option for healing diabetes in the Native American community, and eventually indigenous communities around the globe. As mentioned earlier, research from around the world has shown that within 20 years after the western industrialized diet of processed food, white sugar, and white flour is introduced into indigenous cultures, diabetes “breaks out” amongst them. This is the situation we face in the Native... Read more →


Bali Indonesia is, according to The Jakarta Post, one of Asia’s “new frontiers” in terms of economic growth. Foreign investment and infrastructure-related development has soared in the recent 10 years, reflecting the nation’s commitment to advance as one of Asia’s fastest growing “emerging nations” according to The Jakarta Post. In Indonesia the pandemic of diabetes has even outstripped its economic growth. The rate of diabetes has risen by 400% in the last 3 years. As of 2006 the official estimate of the incidence of diabetes was 12.4% in all of Indonesia. It is estimated to be close to 16% as... Read more →

Papua New Guinea (PNG) and South Western Pacific Region

Papua New Guinea (PNG) and South Western Pacific Region This whole region suffers from both high rates of diabetes and mortality from it. Nauru has over 60% incidence of diabetes, perhaps the highest rate of any nation in the world. PNG is estimated to around a 45% incidence of type-2  diabetes. American Samoa has over 52% incidence of diabetes for men and 42% for women. The average in Tokelau is around 44%; the Marshal Islands are 41%; FSM Pohnpei is 32%. The death rates from diabetes are also high as general diabetes management is poor. Physical activity is low and... Read more →


BRAZIL The Brazil program is initially based primarily in Sao Paulo – one of the largest cities in the world at 25 million. The coordinator is Catia Simionato, M.A. who is trained by me at the Tree of Life Center US. She is running 21-Day Transformation Programs and Diabetes Recovery Programs with the support of Dr. Lincoln Hashimoto, whom I have also trained at the Tree. Our plan, when funded, is to create 12 diabetes prevention centers around the Sao Paulo perimeter. I go to Sao Paulo on a yearly basis, where I lecture to between 250 and 400 people... Read more →

Mississippi Delta Disaster Relief Center

Mississippi Delta Disaster Relief Center Our Mississippi Delta Disaster Relief Center located in Clarksdale, Mississippi has been in operation since just after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region in 2006. A 55,000 square foot warehouse was acquired on a 10-acre parcel with a railhead. Its purpose was to become the only civilian disaster relief center for southeastern United States. It was cited by NBC as, “the largest civilian disaster relief effort in the history of the United States”. The center is designed to feed people and provide type-2 diabetes and hypertension screening and prevention education. Five staff are required to maintain... Read more →

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