Nigeria has been the incubator of all our African projects. These include school food programs and micro-credit businesses, such as a palm oil processing plant, which provides economic development for the Awomeberi Kingdom near Owerri, the capital of the region. The Tree of Life Center there is now expanding into further business and diabetes prevention and anti-malaria programs, as well as a successful program for the deaf and mute schools. For example, in Owerri, at the main deaf and mute school, the girls were getting raped at night when going to the bathroom outside. We dug a well, installed solar lights, created an indoor bathroom, and employed a night-time security guard. These steps solved the problem. Although preventing and healing type-2  diabetes, a holistic approach, requires that we address all areas of difficulty.

A key player in our collaborative success in Nigeria is Dr. C.A.C. Eronini, AWO Mbieri Kingdom, and President of WARES. Dr. Eronini’s father and mother were the regional king and queen, and Dr. Eronini has now been appointed to this position as the regional king. The former king, Dr. Eronini’s father is 111 years old and had tremendous spiritual experiences that lasted for more than three days as a result of our indigenous shamanic Shabbat ceremony held by Rabbi Dr. Cousens for the 13 tribal leaders and their families. This furthered the awareness of our blood connection, as the Ibo’s are one of the “lost tribes”. It is an important empowerment for success that all of our programs have a deep bonding respect and a sense of the evolution of consciousness on the planet. Dr. Eronini has also been to my home at the Tree of Life in Patagonia, Arizona.

In Nigeria, we have a school that also acts as a nutrition center where we are feeding 300 children per day. We have equipped the school with a well for clean water and a garden to teach the children how to garden. The people of the Biafra tribe, with whom Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. is working with, are genetically one of the lost tribes of Israel and the people there are aware of their Hebrew origins. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. has held a Kabbalistic Shamanic Shabbat there, which included all 13 chiefs in the Biafra region; this resulted in a powerful energetic transmission of the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which deepened our human bond. Dr. Cousens has given diabetes talks at the medical school and to the general public in the Biafra Region, now called the Ibo region or state. Outside of the city of Awerri the village life has minimal infrastructure and will need major infra-structure development including fresh water wells to help them move to water rather hydration from soft drinks. There is much need for micro-loan business and organic and veganic farming in the area. Dr. C.A.C. Eronini, AWO Mbieri Kingdom, and President of WARES and the regional king, is the leading businessman in the region as well as a key player in his interest in developing diabetes prevention and screening program. He has committed to being the lead in selecting the communities in the southern Nigeria region as well as educational centers in the city of Awerri, including the university and medical school.