In Mexico we have saved an orphanage that was about to be shut down. This is El Reino de los Ninos, in the town of Imuris, Sonora, Mexico one hour from the Mexican Border. We completely rebuilt it, and it now acts as a community center that teaches vegan organic live foods and supports and feeds up to 100 of the local children each day. One of its main jobs is to rescue children abandoned on the US/Mexican border, secondary to “roundups” and deportations. This model addresses the needs of the estimated 40,000 orphans in the border areas. As part of the continuum of the orphanages in Mexico, we have already sent four children to college in Mexico on our college scholarship program. We may extend this model throughout the border region of Mexico. I have given talks on diabetes prevention there. It supplies a model not only for diabetes prevention, which is an epidemic problem, but also for ameliorating the AZ/Mexico border human disaster or other international border disasters.

The Mexico, operation has consisted of initiating a micro-business lending program in 1990. Today, hundreds of micro-business in the State of Sonora thrive. FAI de Sonora (Children and Infants Foundation of Sonora) a non-profit that began harvesting Moringa, a nutritious plant that helped eradicate hunger in Africa now thrives in Sonora. FAI has also developed packaging Moringa into vitamin capsules as a health supplement. This product and the micro business program would be significantly expanded under this program.

We also have started a program to feed potential migrants from all over Central America and Mexico, at the last train stop in the town of Benjamin Hill. The mayor and city council all support this feeding, clothing, and shower/wash program. We currently are feeding about 70 people each day.

As our programs have spread over Mexico, we have created a pan-Mexican organization (like WARES in Africa) called Aliza de Corazon. When funding comes, we are ready to spread to 30 cities in Sonora, with the support of the 30 mayors who have already signed a MOU with us to set up our projects in their villages., as well as to the Southern border of Mexico. Our projects have also spread to several southern regions in Mexico, as well as three Native American tribes along the border on both sides. On the border we have the Tohono O’odham Nation, the Yaqui, and Mayo Sonora Nations, who we are in relationship with. We also have Chamula in Chiapas and the Afro-Mexican tribes in Veracruz and Oaxaca. In these areas we’re serving approximately 50 villages and have 50 clinics.

In addition to our three-pronged approach of clean water, microloans for veganic organic farming, and diabetes prevention, we have also added the emergency and durable medical supplies, which includes wheelchairs and crutches for those who have had amputations from diabetic neuropathy. Recently, in 2016, we created the Aliza de Corazon which is a group of 5 organizations, which will be coordinating these projects throughout all of Mexico.