Our program in Liberia has the full support of many national leaders. We also have the enthusiastic support and pledged participation of the directors of the 2 major hospitals in Liberia. Our first official state visit will be on November 17, 2019. The plan is to incorporate all the programs we have in Ghana ion a way that works for Liberia, but with a greater emphasis on supporting organic, veganic farming throughout the country, including the purchase of electric tractors to minimize pollution and maximize efficiency.

The basics of the holistic program are:

  • Diabetes health education, prevention, and screening programs starting locally and moving nationally.
  • Dietary support of vegan organic foods from micro-business loan, organic, veganic farming and other businesses in rural regions. Feeding children and seniors these high quality foods. Feeding the children is a very important part of our plan.
  • Development of local village-focused micro-businesses, healthy food production at the village level, as well as on a national scale.
  • Flow from rural to urban including local and regional diabetes prevention programs that fund regional diabetes treatment programs.
  • Technical support in nutrition, type-2  diabetes and hypertension prevention and treatment, as well as developing organic, veganic farming and swamp recovery into food production of rice paddies.
  • Use of traditional cultural ways of music, dance, art, poetry, and other linguistic forms to transmit diabetes prevention, nutrition, and all levels of prevention of health information.
  • We have signed an MOU with national leaders to facilitate this national comprehensive plan.

In summary, the Tree of Life Foundation, PPEP, Inc., WARES (West African Rural Empowerment Society), and our other partners are actually developing a holistic template for local, district, regional, and national programs based on our diabetes and high blood pressure prevention, health education, and screening programs supported by our microbusiness organic veganic farming programs with individualized programs for local community village development, such as clean water irrigation systems, recycling programs, local micro-businesses in general which support health and diabetes prevention and overall individualized rural community development and ultimately support health on all levels in the urban areas. This is a workable, multi-faceted, holistic village community model is scheduled for creation over a 30-year period.