We have rebuilt and created a senior nutrition center as well as a diabetes- prevention education center just outside Addis Ababa in Ethiopia as part of our program. We have also started a micro-business program to support the creation of organic vegan and herbal farming in Ethiopia. The breadbasket part of our Ethiopian design is the WalDF Foundation, located in Southern Ethiopia in Awassa City, founded and directed by Melesse Woldeamanueal, who is working very closely with us. He is the son of an Ethiopian national hero, with a Master’s degree in urban development from Holland University in Hague, Netherlands. Since then his career focus is rural development and sustainable organic farming, micro-business, and health and education programs. The local government turned over approximately 100 acres of pristine rain forest and lake with rich animal life including monkeys, baboons, birds, and hippos, which abound in the area. The WalDF Foundation is committed to herb production and domestication of forest plants for improving health, natural medicines and nutrition throughout Ethiopia and all of Africa.

Furthermore, the WalDF Foundation embraces micro-business to encourage eco- friendly business in support of their biosphere. Development of natural herbs and other plants such as the Bush Mango that help prevent and cure diabetes will become a top priority This project will also enhance the ongoing nutrition and micro business efforts and serve as an ecological model in preservation of the rain forest for future generations. It will be a primary supplier of organic food to our centers in Addis Abba as it is only 3 hours away.

In Northwest Ethiopia, in the Tigra Region, we have two Etrean refugee camps that we plan to make into two complete village community projects, including diabetes prevention, high blood pressure screening, micro-business job training, and sustainable agriculture centers to feed each community. This model provides the world with a way to transform a human tragedy into a regenerative success. In the Adwa region a micro- business loan program is being established to support sustainable, organic food supply. In Axum, where I spoke at the medical school, we have also established a base of diabetes prevention and treatment to serve the area.

Ethiopia is where the African Union and the United Nations for the African Continent is located. Our Ethiopian key person feels she can have me speak on our projects at the African Union in late November 2019. This will be part of the reason our successful diabetes prevention and healthy community food sovereignty and clean water program and organic-veganic farming development programs there will reverberate throughout all of Africa. In Ethiopia we have the strong support behind the scenes at the national level. The plan involves diabetes educational, prevention, and screening centers throughout Addis Ababa (one screening center in each direction), Awassa City, Auxum as well as major community village development outside these cities as well in the Tigra region where there is a need for transforming the two Etrean refugee camps into region diabetes prevention and overall health communities. We have strong support
in all these areas of Ethiopia as well as at the national level for a national diabetes prevention educational campaign.