In Northwest Cameroon our collaborative team has supported a strong micro- business and community-based organic farming and corn mini milling centers and established a microbusiness incubator business in Limbe staffed diabetes workers supported by the micro-credit program called the Alpha Club. We are working in collaboration with local community-based groups. The regional Fon (“king” in the northwest Bambui Fondom) completely supports our diabetes prevention program plan and the micro-business already established for sustainable organic-veganic farming in Bambui. As in Ghana, we have many people who are clan members in Doula and Yuondai (the two main cities) in Cameroon; however, the seed was first planted in the rural regions of Northwest Cameroon and coastal area of Limbe. It is in these areas that we have started diabetes prevention and educational centers including screening programs for diabetes and hypertension, as well as micro-businesses to build organic, veganic sustainable farming, recycling, and the overall process of building a new organic food supply and diabetes prevention programs to support the cities in strengthening local villager farming economics.

We are actively working with the head of the regional community development corporation (CDC) whose name is Polycarp Chungong. Our first diabetes prevention specialist is a nurse, and she is doing a great job in the midst of the civil war between the English and French parts of Cameroon.

Polycarp is also our local, regional, and national project director. He is also the director for the Northwest economic program of Cameroon called Bacuda. We have set up the first micro-business that employs only diabetics. It is a professional sewing business. The seeds of diabetes prevention centers and programs have been planted. The country and the people seem very ready to make these programs happen. The plan is to create a rural-urban flow for the two major cities with prevention diabetes educational centers in the cities linked to the rural micro-loan business farms and diabetes prevention, education and screening in both the rural and urban areas communities. The plan is also for two additional rural community development projects as well plus a nationwide diabetes prevention education program of return to the natural healthy ways. As of 2017 we are a little concerned about civil war between the French- and English-speaking peoples, but, so far, our programs remain unaffected. We have one diabetes prevention specialist working for us, who is a nurse and is doing an excellent job.