The Brazil program is initially based primarily in Sao Paulo – one of the largest cities in the world at 25 million. The coordinator is Catia Simionato, M.A. who is trained by me at the Tree of Life Center US. She is running 21-Day Transformation Programs and Diabetes Recovery Programs with the support of Dr. Lincoln Hashimoto, whom I have also trained at the Tree. Our plan, when funded, is to create 12 diabetes prevention centers around the Sao Paulo perimeter. I go to Sao Paulo on a yearly basis, where I lecture to between 250 and 400 people for 4-day programs on health, spirituality, and diabetes prevention. Here, we have begun to train 15 diabetes prevention specialists. By 2019, we have also extended my talks and teachings to Rio de Janeiro, Brazilia, Belo Horizonte, and Goiania, which will be the next focus for our program’s development. I have also lectured to holistic doctors in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Brazil could be one of the most fruitful places on the planet for the diabetes and hypertension prevention program. We plan to support this with active veganic-organic farming village areas, starting with Sao Paulo.