Kids Kingdom Orphanage & Benjamin Hill Relief Center Update

Last Sunday, February 26th, 2017, the Tree of Life Foundation, PPEP, and the Tucson Rotary Club traveled to Mexico to inspect our humanitarian projects there. It was a very positive experience. Over six years ago El Reino de los Ninos (Kids’ Kingdom) Orphanage, in the town of Imuris, Sonora, Mexico, was going to be closed by the Mexican government because they had no resources and living conditions were poor. The Tree of Life Foundation intervened, rebuilt the orphanage’s infrastructure, rewired the buildings’ electricity, repaired the plumbing, refurbished the dormitories, installed a large commercial kitchen, constructed a sprout house, built a girls’ dormitory section, and began paying for 80-90% of the orphanage’s food costs. Now it has become not only a well-run orphanage, serving orphans from infancy to adolescence, but also a community center feeding over 200 meals each day to the Imuris community as well as to the resident orphans.

Kids Kingdom Orphanage, Imuris, Sonora

Kids Kingdom Orphanage, Imuris, Sonora

Many single working mothers drop their children off to play, study, and be regularly fed in a timely manner.The “Kids’ Kingdom” provides more than shelter. It is also a loving home and a space to teach and prepare children for independent adult life. Since the Tree of Life Foundation’s intervention in 2011, the orphanage services have expanded to offer a community soup kitchen, cooking and sewing classes, music and worship service, traditional Mexican dance lessons, devotionals and Bible studies, a Saturday Kid’s Club, a secondhand thrift store (at a separate location in Imuris), and a sewing shop for single mothers and youth, where they create sock monkeys, aprons, pin cushions, and fabric flowers for sale.

While we’ve completed our work on the orphanage’s infrastructure, Tree of Life Foundation needs to raise $500 more to expand the green house, which will provide the children with sprouts and microgreens to meet the increasing community appetite. The Kids’ Kingdom has now created an ongoing space, and people from Phoenix and Oregon now come down on a regular basis to add energy and services. The Kids’ Kingdom has become a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven for the whole Imuris community.


Ribbon Cutting at the Benjamin Hill Relief Center

Our second stop was at the town of Benjamin Hill, where we’ve created a relief center initially designed to serve migrants on their way into the US from Mexico. Many of these potential migrants reach Benjamin Hill having gone up to three days without food and proper hydration. They have sparse clothing, and high levels of overall depletion. Our nearly completed relief center has provided at least seventy healthy meals each day for over a year, in addition to free showers and clothing to refresh people for the next leg of their journey. The center has been successful in its initial endeavors, and now, with the support of the mayor and his wife, this center is also becoming a community center focused on empowering local community teens and children. On Sunday, we helped deliver computers to be equipped with internet access, which we have paid for, to give the locals some computer training. We’re supporting these teens in developing a soccer club with the active support of the mayor and his wife (head of the town’s social services), the Tucson Rotary Club, and PPEP. In assessing these upgrades, we need $4,000 USD more to complete basic construction on the center.

Dr. Cousens celebrates all the success' from our projects in Mexico.

Dr. Cousens celebrates all the success’ from our projects in Mexico.

While we’ve already received $2,000, we still need an additional $2,000 for this work. We have additional programs planned to follow as soon as these programs are completed. We would be very grateful for all those receiving this letter to donate towards this project’s completion to the Tree of Life Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, making all donations tax-deductible. Currently, all people who participate in any program at Tree of Life Center US automatically contribute to the Foundation’s projects, as 25% of the Tree of Life Center US’ net profits go to the Tree of Life Foundation. Now we are asking for $2,000 more to complete this phase of the Benjamin Hill project. We are deeply grateful for all your donations.

Our humanitarian work is bearing good fruit, and it is gratifying to see our progress. We thank all for your loving support. In a society that focuses more and more on what can I receive, it is gratifying to know there are those who ask, “What can I give.”

Blessings for your generosity,

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD

President of Tree of Life Foundation

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Please specify “Benjamin Hill–Sonora, Mexico” from the drop down menu on the donate page.  This ensures your donation goes towards the completion of the Relief Center. If you wish to send a donation by mail, please do so by check made out to:

Tree of Life Foundation

attn. Benjamin Hill Relief Center

P.O. Box 778

Patagonia, AZ 85624



Owerri Nigeria School Project Funding

Dear Tree of Life Community

We have decided to approach things one step at a time. Our next project is in Owerri, Nigeria It is a school for the deaf and or mute or both. It has 375 students, and they have no water or electricity or security. These teenagers can’t really defend themselves because they can’t hear approaching marauders so having water and electricity. They will have both light and water so they don’t have to go outside at night, which gives them some level of protection from rape and attacks. Your contribution will be a great boon to this group of people as this school with 375 students actually has a new operating budget for the students. Your participation can make this happen again. We are setting our goal at $10,000, which doesn’t cover all that needs to be done, but will bring them water and electricity. 

We very much want to thank you for contributing to the $10,000 we were requesting for our Ghana projects. As a result of our funding we will now be repairing 44 wells in 28 different communities bringing over 20,000 people clean water. Since this is West Africa and there is a potential danger of Ebola, this is a major preventative protection. As of yet there are no reported cases of Ebola in Ghana and clean water plays an important role in keeping it that way. So this is a very exciting thing that we have done.

Thank you very much for participating in the healing of the world. 

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD
Director Tree of Life Foundation

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West Africa Project Funding Request

West Africa Project Funding Request

Funding Request for:

  • Two roundtrip tickets from West Africa for two organic, veganic farming teachers in training = $6,000
  • Immediate repair of 8 well water pumps to provide potable water to the Jasikan District in Ghana = $1,000

Make your tax deductible checks payable to Tree of Life Foundation, a 501c3 not-for-profit religious organization.

The Tree of Life Foundation, a 501c3 not-for-profit religious organization, in conjunction with PPEP, has projects for the prevention and healing of diabetes and bringing people all over the world into a plant-based diet. In particular we have programs in West Africa, and this request for funding is about our programs in West Africa. We have a NGO called WARES (West African Rural Empowerment Society) to which I have been elected vice president. Dr. John Arnold, of PPEP, is the secretary treasurer.

The project is focused on food, water, and diabetes prevention and education. About 20 years ago in the Jasikon District, a district of 38 villages that we serve primarily located in Ghana’s rainforest, 28 manual pumps were installed in these villages. However, these pumps were not properly maintained and now none of them work, which means that people are forced to get water from the river. With growing concerns about Ebola and other communicable diseases, the river is not a safe source of potable water free from bodily discharge. We need to fix these pumps as soon as possible.

In analyzing the situation and working with the water mechanic from the area it appears that all the pumps have the same problems, namely that specific parts have broken. Our plan is to start with the 8 pumps in the immediate region we are serving (including Old Baika, New Baika, Ayoma, and Tetema). This is the region where our work is most imminently happening. We have a paid, trained health worker there to do the diabetes education and prevention work. Our goal is to have clean water for the area so that people are not drinking from the polluted river. We believe this could happen quickly with the proper funding. This amounts to $1,000 USD for the 8 pumps to be repaired.

Additionally, our focus is to bring organic, veganic farming to the regions we are serving, namely Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and Ethiopia. We have set up a 3-month organic, veganic farming training program at Tree of Life Foundation international headquarters in Patagonia, Arizona. This program allows us to train people to go back and teach others in these countries in Africa of how to do organic farming. We have selected 2 people to who are already highly skilled who are running their own farms who have already proven themselves in their commitment to our work. One of these is an agronomist, who runs our program in Ghana. The other is an organic farmer in Cameroon, who helps with our program there. What we simply need is to purchase their roundtrip tickets, which is approximately $3,000 each depending on the actual time of year they come. The Tree of Life Foundation will cover all their expenses working and studying on our organic, veganic farm. Our request is for funds to purchase two $3,000 roundtrip tickets for these gentlemen to come train with us on our farm and then return to teach farmers in Ghana and Cameroon. This brings our total request to $7,000, which is moderate but needed for us to take this next step to bring healthy food and clean water to these areas. These are the fundamentals that can ultimately eliminate infectious disease. I thank you for responding as quickly as possible to this request and bless you in advance for helping us to meet this modest requirement as we step forward with our overall program development.

You may make checks payable to Tree of Life Foundation, a 501c3 not-for-profit religious organization.



Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD

Director Tree of Life Foundation

Vice President of WARES


Dr. Cousens speaks with LULAC on Diabetes Prevention

Health: Working to Prevent Diabetes From Arizona to Africa

Submitted by Dr. John Arnold with

In the early 1930’s, there were only a handful of cases of Diabetes reported in the United States. Today, our country like most of the industrialized nations there is a pandemic. Our Latino populations, as well as African Americans, are especially hit hard with the scourge of Diabetes and statistics show it is only getting worse. One ray of hope is that our US based LULAC members coupled with international LULAC Associate members have teamed up to do something about it. Since January, two seminars on the Natural Cure of Diabetes have been held in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and one in San Luis, Arizona, on the US/Mexico border.

The message is simple “we are a product of what we eat” and diabetes can be traced to bad eating and poor exercise habits. Furthermore, the best way to prevent and cure diabetes is to go back to the natural foods our ancestors ate; cutting out sugar, sodas, salt, red meats, and sharply curtain dairy products, fats and of course “junk foods” to name a few.

So how did we get the message across? In San Luis Arizona, Cesar Chavez’ home town we conducted a one day seminar on The Natural Cure of Preventing Diabetes. At the lunch hour, we engaged the local nutrition “promotoras” to prepare a “whole foods” and organic buffet luncheon for the 300 participants.

LULAC Council #1088 member Dr. Gabriel Cousens, who has 38 years of experience treating diabetes the natural way was the keynote speaker.

Both the beverages and foods were traditional but prepared in the natural way without grease, salt, or sugar, preservatives, etc. There was an abundance of raw vegetables and fruits prepared from organically grown produce. The response was overwhelming with everyone wanting seconds.

In Ghana and Nigeria, similar seminars were held in farmworker communities with the same message. Emanating from those West African seminars two nutrition centers were established for ongoing nutrition and feeding programs. Up to 350 children and elderly are served with natural foods daily. The attendance of the two West African seminars was over 1000 participants. That same model is now replicated to feed 300 abandoned Mexican border orphans daily, who have been deported from the Border Patrol roundups.

Finally, Dr. Cousens encourages making the necessary lifestyle changes in what we eat and how we exercise to help eradicate diabetes. For more information on reversing diabetes naturally click here.