Diabetes in Papua

Diabetes Prevention: Dr. Cousens Collaborates with Papua New Guinea

By Elizabeth Miae

Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments, Ben Micah has declared war on diabetes in the country. A diabetic, Micah has come out strongly against the disease that was affecting and killing about 70% of Papua New Guineans at a time when the country is experiencing an economic boom.

Micah expressed his concern during a media conference in Port Moresby yesterday when welcoming American diabetes expert Dr. Gabriel Cousens to the country.

Cousens, a world leading research scientist on diabetes, is in the nation’s capital to give lectures on diabetes treatment, prevention programs and other lifestyle diseases. He was invited by Micah to come to PNG and share his expertise on preventing diabetes.

Micah said he was concerned about how massive funds were coming into the country from major resource projects and if misused by people it could lead to unhealthy lifestyles—the major cause of the disease in the country.

He therefore invited Cousens to work with the government for a national plan on diabetes prevention and treatment. “The experience of Nauru is one we must not repeat. Millions of mina they received from their 50 years of mining phosphate has seen Nauru having the highest rate of blindness, cancer, heart and kidney diseases due to diabetes,” the minister said. “This is a sad story and a paradox to economic development.”

“We must plan to avoid this as we embark on massive economic development that will see substantial funds on our hands and as we see lifestyle changes coming in.”

Micah told journalists that he did not really understand the disease when he was first diagnosed with type B diabetes in 2009 until he sought advice from former health minister and Anglimp-South Waghi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham on Cousens’ programs.

“This is the biggest killer and it’s worse than HIV/AIDS but nothing has been done to address this. I’m a living testimony to this and I want to fight diabetes. I want to defeat diabetes and defeat death.”

Micah has urged people to seriously invest their time and money on their health. Cousens praised the minister for taking the lead at the national level adding that diabetes can be prevented and healed at any age.

“Some of our patients are in their 90s but through our programs they have been able to prevent and reverse their conditions.”

Cousens said if people stopped eating too much food that contained white sugar and white flour, diabetes could be prevented. He will give a public lecture on curing diabetes at Sir John Guise stadium tomorrow.

Dr. Cousens speaks with LULAC on Diabetes Prevention

Health: Working to Prevent Diabetes From Arizona to Africa

Submitted by Dr. John Arnold with

In the early 1930’s, there were only a handful of cases of Diabetes reported in the United States. Today, our country like most of the industrialized nations there is a pandemic. Our Latino populations, as well as African Americans, are especially hit hard with the scourge of Diabetes and statistics show it is only getting worse. One ray of hope is that our US based LULAC members coupled with international LULAC Associate members have teamed up to do something about it. Since January, two seminars on the Natural Cure of Diabetes have been held in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and one in San Luis, Arizona, on the US/Mexico border.

The message is simple “we are a product of what we eat” and diabetes can be traced to bad eating and poor exercise habits. Furthermore, the best way to prevent and cure diabetes is to go back to the natural foods our ancestors ate; cutting out sugar, sodas, salt, red meats, and sharply curtain dairy products, fats and of course “junk foods” to name a few.

So how did we get the message across? In San Luis Arizona, Cesar Chavez’ home town we conducted a one day seminar on The Natural Cure of Preventing Diabetes. At the lunch hour, we engaged the local nutrition “promotoras” to prepare a “whole foods” and organic buffet luncheon for the 300 participants.

LULAC Council #1088 member Dr. Gabriel Cousens, who has 38 years of experience treating diabetes the natural way was the keynote speaker.

Both the beverages and foods were traditional but prepared in the natural way without grease, salt, or sugar, preservatives, etc. There was an abundance of raw vegetables and fruits prepared from organically grown produce. The response was overwhelming with everyone wanting seconds.

In Ghana and Nigeria, similar seminars were held in farmworker communities with the same message. Emanating from those West African seminars two nutrition centers were established for ongoing nutrition and feeding programs. Up to 350 children and elderly are served with natural foods daily. The attendance of the two West African seminars was over 1000 participants. That same model is now replicated to feed 300 abandoned Mexican border orphans daily, who have been deported from the Border Patrol roundups.

Finally, Dr. Cousens encourages making the necessary lifestyle changes in what we eat and how we exercise to help eradicate diabetes. For more information on reversing diabetes naturally click here.